Justice System

The aims of the Justice System

Families are at the centre of the Justice System. The system aims to serve all families by providing ways to resolve family disputes and to protect family members.  The key principles of the system are:

Children’s welfare is of paramount importance

Safeguarding children’s welfare is a key consideration for all professionals working in the Justice System. In all cases relating to children, the role of the court is to make decisions in the best interests of children based on the evidence before it and the law.

The child’s welfare is the court’s paramount consideration in all cases about the care and upbringing of children. The child’s safety and security are always important.

Justice and fairness

In all cases the courts seek to provide justice for the individuals who are in dispute and to produce a solution which is fair.

Respect for human rights

Organizations which make up the Justice System are all committed to treating people with respect. In the decisions they take and the procedures they use, public authorities are bound to comply with the Human Rights Act 1998.